RYOT Films is Verizon Media’s Emmy Award®-winning, Academy Award®-nominated premium film studio.

We have financed and produced a slate of critically acclaimed projects - including 3 Oscar-nominated short documentaries. Our films have debuted at premiere festivals from Sundance to Tribeca and have been released in theaters, on cable, and on streaming platforms with partners from Magnolia, HBO, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, among others.


Artfully crafted. Truthfully told. Thoughtfully delivered.

Nonfiction stories told in thirty minutes or less.

We believe short documentaries are special.

So we wanted to give you a place to watch some of the very best.

Coming soon.

What we are looking for

+ Non-fiction films under 30 minutes that have not yet premiered digitally.

+ Films that are at least in mid-production. Recently completed films and those that have already premiered at a 2019 festival are also encouraged to submit.

+ Provocative, important and contemporary stories with broad appeal.

+ Strong character-driven narratives.

+ Factual representation of characters and events.

+ Filmmakers may be based in the U.S. or internationally.

+ Well-known or emerging filmmakers.